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Fisher Nautical is a small organization with a very wide customer base.

We send books and catalogues to national libraries, local specialist libraries, museum curators, archivists, private collectors, individual enthusiasts, historians, novelists, modelmakers, shipbuilders, designers, researchers, treasure hunters, genealogists, postal historians and readers around the world. We send parcels to Tahiti & Poland; Scandinavia and Africa, North and South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the near East, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Isles of Man, The Western Isles, The Shetland Isles & the Falkland Isles. We are determined to break into the Isle of Wight, eventually!

Fisher Nautical is a small organization but one which posts a large number of parcels.

UK parcels are sent via Royal Mail or by Parcel Force 48 hour service. We send parcels, packages and loads by seamail & sea freight, airmail and airfreight, insured or not insured as required!

If you phone, fax or e-mail us with an order from one of our catalogues, we can tell you immediately whether the items are available, on receipt of payment, we aim to dispatch your order the next working day, if not sooner. If the order is large or requires special packing, then we may take a little longer, but, if you phone us we will probably be able to tell you what's what straight away

Fisher Nautical is a small organization with a very extensive range of used, second hand and antiquarian books on all aspects of the sea and ships.

We have the only available supply of Lloyds List between 1747 and 1826 to be found anywhere in the world. This weekly newspaper listed ship arrivals, departures and cargoes and is an essential work of reference for scholars & enthusiasts. We can also supply reprints of Lloyds Register of Shipping for many years between 1778 and 1865. These describe many of the ships in the Lists. We have Transactions of learned societies, enthusiast's newsletters and are the only bookseller in the world to publish comprehensive lists of bound & unbound maritime magazines. We have also stocked a large number of recent and not so recent single copies of books on merchant & naval marine subjects ranging between the 3 volume Naval Architecture by J.Scott Russell at 50x70cm and 25kg down to a book on the loss of the Royal George at 5x7cm and 25gms, bound in pieces of oak from the wreck of the ship.

Fisher Nautical is a small organization with a very long memory.

We recently offered a customer a book which he had put onto our wants system in 1976; this is not an uncommon event. Send us your list of wants, in alphabetical order by author and we'll get back to you probably sooner but if not, then later. Every week we write to customers, offering them copies of books, which they have been searching for, often for many years. Who knows? We may already have the one you want sitting on our shelves waiting for your call. When all else fails try Fisher Nautical.

Fisher Nautical is a small organization with a large stock squeezed into a small space, so, no room for browsers.

BUT, if there is a book, which a customer feels he or she has to inspect before buying, we can make a special effort by appointment and get it (and any others) out of store for viewing in our office.

Fisher Nautical

Fisher Nautical is a small organization that has a very large appetite for books.

We must work to increase our stock at all times. We are keen to buy individual books, collections, libraries and archives. We pay high prices for suitable books, items, magazines, articles and objects connected with: -

Merchant Sailing Ships.
Merchant Steam Ships.
Merchant Motor Ships.
Sailing Warships, Steam Warships, Motor Warships.
Turbine & Nuclear Warships.
Submarines, Naval Aviation.
Coastal Sail, Thames Barges, Fishing Boats, Whaling.
Diving, Salvage, Treasure, Wrecks, Tugs.
Yachting & Cruising, Pilots & Pilotage.
Naval Architecture.
Marine Art & Painting.
Ship and Boat Modelling.
Lloyds Registers.
Maritime Fiction.
Sea Chanties, Port Handbooks.
Knots & Splicing.
Shipping Company histories.

Fisher Nautical

Fisher Nautical
Fisher Nautical